4th of July 2011

Before I forget – I wanted to post this pic of the 4th of July celebration my little family and I went to!

This shot was taken at this year’s celebration held at Ronald Reagan Sports Park. I have to tell you… the city of Temecula has one of the best fireworks display I’ve seen! It is a long show with beautiful pyrotechnics and accompanying music. The other photo is a shot of one of the big fireworks that I was able to snap mid-explosion.

The tradition amongst the residents in Temecula, is to get to the park early, barbecue our own food or walk around and buy from several of the yummy food vendors, listen to the free DJ music, and dance until the show begins.

Typically, people park in the surrounding streets and neighborhoods. Local law enforcement is quite organized and streets are blocked off accordingly to allow pedestrians to get in and out of the park en masse. This year, we parked at the nearby school (which I’m going to attempt again next year). I saw a church a block away charging $20.00 for parking. If I had remembered to bring cash with me, I would have paid, to be honest – A LOT of people attend!

After the end of every 4th of July celebration here, I can’t help but feel really good about the people, city, and community I live in, not to mention very patriotic. It was a great holiday and I’m going to invite more people for next year!


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