Preview in De Luz, Temecula

Yesterday was quite a mini-adventure in the morning. I made sure I had my iPod, picked up some breakfast, and set out for the De Luz area of Temecula to preview a home for my buyer! Just when I thought Temecula couldn’t get any prettier, there’s De Luz.

“What makes De Luz extraordinary is its micro climate, making it ideal to grow avocado and citrus trees. Approximately 20,000 acres of absolutely some of the best multi million dollar homes, gentleman ranches, groves and minimum 5 acre home estates..”

I wish I could have shown you the spectacular homes on top of the hills in De Luz, but I was driving! Next time, I’ll pull over and snap some pictures.

At any rate, the property I previewed in De Luz was a gorgeous, new, single level with 34 acres of usable land. I know! So many possibilities!

Until next time, my lovely readers, have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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