Tom’s Farms Annual Pumpkin Patch

One of the best things I like about living in Temecula is how many family friendly and fun activities there are to do! This year, we went to Tom’s Farms up the 15 to pick out pumpkins. They had a great selection of pumpkins from small to large. They’re perfect for decorating and also perfect for homemade pumpkin pies! The staff was helpful and nice. We also looked around the shop and stayed for some great burgers and dogs. I’m looking forward to taking the kids back this Christmas season!


Roads Traveled

Lots of times, we as humans, operate on the notion that the end, is where we want to be. Sure, we are constantly working toward a goal – like finding the perfect, new home for a certain stage of our lives – but I think the trick is to be conscious and aware of the path we’re traveling on. I think…therein lies the beauty.

Below is a homebuyer, who met an unexpected friend during a viewing of an estate in La Cresta.

Have a wonderful Monday! Xox

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Star Treatment at Trader Joe’s

I was in line yesterday at the Trader Joe’s on Winchester Blvd. and the woman behind me in the other line mentioned it was her birthday. Well it so happened that the person ringing her up was also the manager of the store. I saw him quickly leave the cashier and return with a wonderful bouquet of flowers and said: “Happy birthday, this is from Trader Joe’s!” We all wished her a terrific birthday. As I left, I couldn’t help but think, THIS is why I shop at Trader Joe’s in Temecula!

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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

I’ve used about three different carpet cleaning services in this area and my favorite so far is Oxi Fresh! He did an AMAZING job, not to mention he squeezed me into his schedule, last minute. My carpets are clean and bright, they dried quickly, and he was able to battle the spots left by my doggies and little boy. I am definitely going to use him again!

Name: Eddie Quinonez
Phone:  951-977-5150