Santa at Harveston Community, December 3rd

This is what I love about Harveston Community! Heads up – Santa will be visiting all the good boys and girls – and their children 😉 – on Saturday, December 3rd, at 1100 AM at the Lake House!

It’s a beautiful setting on the back lawn of the Harveston Lake House and they certainly utilize all the rooms there. In past years, they’ve had arts and crafts, games, a DJ, and yummy treats!

Hope to see you there!


After the Rain

This pic was taken in La Cresta, but our area and up and down the coast had amazing skies as well. I guess it was the heavy rains from the other night that cleared the skies, literally. I went to Orange County and back and I had my camera ready to go the entire time, lol. It’s beauty like this that makes me enjoy living in Temecula even more..

Hope you have another beautiful day!

Christmas…in November?

I love, love, love Target. I’m there practically every other day. And I understand the state of our global economy. However, I’m not understanding Christmas in November. We haven’t reached Thanksgiving yet- or Black Friday for that matter. I want to treasure every day here in beautiful Temecula and pay attention to the moments before me. With that said, I will do my part in helping the economy by continually shopping at Target… I just won’t look upwards until December 1st 😉

Hope you’re having a greaat day!

The Laundered Mutt Dog Wash

My kids and I adopted a new dog several weeks ago, a 120-lb Newfoundland female we named Andromeda! She’s sweet as can be and absolutely loveable. When it was time to get her groomed, I checked out The Laundered Mutt. I had seen his truck around town and the store came up on Google results so I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s a self-service dog wash and training center. The washing area has several tubs and they provide you with an apron, shampoos, and towels. The tubs are raised so it’s not back-breaking work to soap up your pup. I’ll admit, getting my new big girl in the tub was not easy and washing all that doggie-ness was a bit daunting. Fortunately, the sweet groomer was there and assured me she could do a great job – and she certainly did!

Thank you Kerry and The Laundered Mutt for making my new baby like NEW!

The Laundered Mutt is located at the corner of Jefferson and Overland.

Phone: 951-694-9274

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