The Giving Tree

My kids and I passed by a “giving tree” the other day and it really captured our attention. It was a pretty tree with postcards hanging on the branches. We thought they were decorations but upon closer inspection, we found that each postcard actually had Christmas wishes! My little girl’s task this year is to find six different presents to give other children who are looking for Christmas magic too. This giving tree was a perfect opportunity for me to show her how much bigger her world is and how she can really affect and help other people. We chose three postcards. When our purchases are complete, we bring them back along with the postcard and place the presents under the tree.

Here are some of the wishes from the children and elderly of our Temecula Valley area:

Johan, Age 10 – Toy FBI Badges, Piggybank, Orange or Red Crayola, Bow & Arrow Toy

Alyssa, Age 10.5 – Monster High Dolls, Justin Bieber Doll, Art Set, Beads, Drawing Crafts, Little Girl Makeup Set with Body Spray

Maggie & Tim, Age 68 – Gifts to Winco Grocery Store


In truth, I wanted to take the whole tree home with me. Their wishes weren’t extravagant and some reflected just a plain need for survival. We took these three postcards home to start and we hope to do more and spread the word. We also hope you’ll join us 🙂

Temecula Valley People Helping People Web site:

Happy holidays!


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