The Process of Light

In real estate, as with anything else in life, how we carry ourselves is a huge reflection of our values. The industry gives each agent so much freedom to shape their business into what they really want it to be. Since we are our own bosses, the possibilities are endless. At a certain point in my real estate career, however, I faced the serious task of reflecting on my values and actively deciding how I would conduct myself in this business. I came to the conclusion that I would gather all my experiences in the corporate world and all my experiences so far in life, and dedicate myself to sticking to the positive values that I paid the price to learn. For whatever reasons some of us have become jaded, lost sight of what’s right and what is wrong, forgotten who we are, and more tragically, forgotten the dreams that lit us up inside.

My goal is not perfection, per se, but to keep what I value close to me and always in my line of sight – respect, fairness, honesty, communication, kindness, and humour.


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