“Are Real Estate Agents Dinosaurs?” – Wall Street Journal

This article was published on the Wall Street Journal online – “Are Real Estate Agents Dinosaurs?”

It definitely caught my eye and I’ve wanted to blog about it for some time now. The gist of the article is that with the boom of the Internet, buyers and sellers are more informed now and have the equal marketing tools available to them as real estate agents do..

This is true. But is it realistic?

Below is the comment I posted in response to the article. Let me know your thoughts!


Selling or buying a home – that’s the fun, pretty part – the REAL work is in the contracts and a dinosaur can’t do it 😉

Sure, the Internet makes information available to learn about buying and selling a home, but is one really prepared for what happens behind the scenes to make people’s dreams come true?

This is a VASTLY different real estate climate. And yes, not all agents are created equal. There are many questionable ones out there just like in any other profession – teachers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, school administrators, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CPAs, city officials.. Shall I go on?

Fortunately, I have a large background in digital marketing and business which I apply to real estate in terms of professionalism, marketing, and being technologically savvy. What I pride myself on is my integrity, the way I conduct myself, and how respectful I am – to other agents – and buyers/sellers alike. At the end of the day, if you’re my client, I will go the distance. And I have.

Just as in any industry, clients have to find the best ones out there.


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