An Unexpected Love Story

Along the path of real estate, it is not easy – there is elation and heartbreak all the time. It is very easy to become distracted and jaded. I see it often and if I allowed myself, I, too, could become unfocused and bitter. Fortunately, a blessing came along that reminded me just exactly why… life is so beautiful.

My client, Karsten, who is six years old, has been on a long journey with his family. He has kernicterus, a rare neurological condition that occurs in some newborns with severe jaundice. One of the major steps of that journey, was to find a new home that would fit his needs. To meet his current and future requirements, his family decided that new home construction would be the best for him. With a custom built house, they could make the necessary disability modifications that would accommodate his needs now and anticipate his growth later. After all, he won’t always be a cute little boy 😉

With the help of Karsten’s team and the understanding of the builder, Standard Pacific, we were able to find and go into escrow on the perfect house for him. It is a one-story, 5 bedroom, 3.5 baths property. It took about four months to build, but it was well worth the wait.

After the floors were installed, I had the opportunity to wheel Karsten around the house on the Preview Walk. It was an amazing feeling to push his wheelchair in and out of all the rooms with ease. We even cornered a small hallway between the dining room and kitchen, no problem. The best part of the Preview Walk though was seeing his mother push him in and out of his private shower while still in his chair. Part of the disability modifications the family had constructed was a roll-in shower in his private bathroom and the master bathroom. As Karsten gets older and bigger, it will make it so much easier for his mother to tend to his needs. His bathroom also has enough clearance for his wheelchair to turn around.

I wish just by touching the screen, you could feel the joy we felt that day. The house – Karsten’s house – means so much. It’s a symbol of faithful love, undying hope, and absolute good will. This little man and his family’s dream have introduced me to beauty I haven’t known before and brought out the best in me in unexpected ways.

Thank you, Karsten.


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