Tough Enough

Real estate is like the Wild West. While there is the overall governing law which each agent abides by, each agent operates independently and calls the shots in their territory, much like the lone sheriff of a dusty, prairie town. In a transaction, this can pose problematic. Not all agents are created equal and each one has a different background, different set of motivations. Many times, agents clash due to differing values and ethics. Strike that – every day – agents clash.

For me, this is where exercise comes in. Not only am I getting fit, but it is also a great stress reliever and source of the almighty endorphin. And because I put in 110 percent for work, I need every molecule.

One day, I stopped by my lender’s office in my gym clothes. She saw me and said, “Wow, I wish I had time to work out.” I said to her, “You do!” See, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. I don’t have more than anyone else. I actually have less because I am a single parent of two and my oldest is very active in sports. Lots of my days are already spoken for. Working out wasn’t always the case for me let me assure you, but I learned the hard way how important it is to make time for me.

Recently, I had been in a large transaction yet exercising regularly. It got very stressful, however, and I stopped going to the gym. I just worked the transaction day in, day out. Finally, it finished, but there I was – depleted and probably 10 years older from the process. Fortunately, my 20th high school reunion was approaching and I had to start working out. It was then that I decided I would not allow that to happen again. Come hell or high water, I would go to the gym.

I understand my lender’s train of thought though. In real estate, as in many other jobs I’m sure, we get so busy and work around the clock that it is almost impossible to squeeze something else into our schedules. Every spare moment is spent tending to our families, working transactions, or generating new ones.

I’ve learned, however, that each day that I am sweating and pushing myself at the gym, I am not only making myself physically tougher, but mentally tougher as well. The stronger I am in body and mind, the better I will be able to handle the challenges in a transaction.

So now, instead of watching my e-mail box change before my eyes, I am at the gym enduring pain, improving myself… becoming tough enough.


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