Thanksgiving 2015


We had the honor of hosting this year’s dinner. Usually, it’s our mom who cooks but the past couple years she’s passed the torch onto us.

My husband was completely in charge of the menu and being vegetarian, he opted for a full vegetarian menu. I was in charge of setting up. We had 20 guests that consisted of family and friends. Our goal was to do our very best and wow them.

Instead of getting elaborate though, we kept everything simple – we used chairs and tables that we already had, tablecloths that we already had, and dinnerware we already had. What we did buy is a garland of cedar greens.  They smelled like Christmas to me, I loved them! We laid them across the table tops and punctuated the garland with bright orange clementines. So simple, yet so very lovely.

For the menu, he chose all organic, locally grown produce. I think that was the key to the wonderful taste of everything. And of course, his cooking talent. He made three quiches, two types of potato dishes, string beans, brussel sprouts, beets, and three different soups. He really outdid himself and I’m so proud. The menu was outstanding and we all appreciated it.

Though the cupboards were bare by the time we ate, everyone was content and chatting happily with one another. We both knew then just how much we had to be thankful for. It was a most memorable Thanksgiving.