Havana Kitchen – Casual Cuban, Old Town #Temecula | #RealEstate


This town continually surprises me. My sister and brother-in-law took me to Havana Kitchen for lunch. LOVE, love, love! The ambience, the people, the food – awesome! It seems to be part restaurant, part lounge, part wine bar, part cafe. I’ve never been to Cuba, but I imagine the energy might be something similar. 🙂 Bringing The Hubs tomorrow!

Havana Kitchen – 41955 5th St. Old Town Temecula, 951-699-7300


Sushi Boat Restaurant | #RealEstate


Went to the Sushi Boat for the first time with my daughter. We had never been there though we’ve walked past it many times, exiting the mall or going to the movies. The restaurant is located near the fountain, across from Edwards Theatre.

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Yakiudon and my daughter ordered the Shrimp Roll. The food was tasty, the atmosphere lively, and the decor elegant. My daughter had eaten here several times before with friends and liked it alot. I thought to myself, what took me so long? 🙂