East Coast Food Tour | #RealEstate


I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been busy! We went to the East Coast for our family trip this summer to visit relatives. While there, we ate at some fun spots throughout New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and NYC. I don’t have a pic of all the yummy foods we chowed down, but I did post some photos above. 🙂

Rita’s – Evidently, there are some franchises here on the West Coast, but we regrettably never came across one. No matter though – our family took us to Rita’s every other day, LOL. Back East, they call it “water ice” and it can be mixed with their award-winning frozen, yummy custard, or served alone. After returning home, we tracked down two locations and we’ve heard of two more down south. Can’t wait to go!

Friendly’s – This restaurant is straight out of my childhood, had to take the family! They serve burgers, salads, and other items, but what they’re really known for is their amazing ice cream! The Jim Dandy is the biggest sundae. I didn’t dare touch it without assistance though so I just got small and medium sundaes – with my favorite, peanut butter. Separate times, of course, LOL.

BGR – Apparently, this is a very popular chain in the D.C. area. Their focus is specialized burgers made with high-quality ingredients. I ordered a mushroom-blue cheese turkey burger and garlic fries. So good! Their fries were insane – they’re topped with a ton of real, chopped garlic. The portions were big, we didn’t finish everything. The ambience was casual and hip, a little reminiscent of something one would find in New Orleans. The customer service was terrific, loved the crew. We’d definitely go again if we found a franchise out here.

Honorable Mention – Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ. Authentic, delicious, gigantic sandwiches served by a shop near the famed university. Warning – a “half” sandwich is about as big as a footlong. We took our hoagies and sat right on the lawn of Princeton University and ate underneath the trees. It was awesome.



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