Ryan Bros. Coffee | #RealEstate



Stopped by Ryan Bros cafe for the first time this morning for some coffee  before doing our Easter meal shopping. I thoroughly enjoyed my cappuccino which had THICK, dry foam, and well-roasted espresso. My husband ordered a delicious mocha which he loved. We then sat outside on their patio under the umbrellas and had a lovely time chatting. The only problem with my experience at Ryan Bros is that I didn’t order a bigger cappuccino. 😉

Looking forward to visiting them again soon!


#Pechanga Casino Food Court | #RealEstate


When we think of food courts, sometimes we may think “fast, okay” food. Not at Pechanga’s. Their food court has some insane choices!

For my husband’s first time there, we chose cappuccinos and sweets from their coffee place. They had an amazing selection of desserts, gelato, and breakfast treats. We ordered a giant chocolate chip cookie to share and a “small” pistachio gelato for me. So good!

Pechanga Casino has fantastic restaurants as well. Can’t wait to try their sushi place next!

I Heart Coffee

The heat is on and it’s too dang hot outside to leave your car sometimes. But what does one do when one wants to procure caffeine? Well, I have a solution for you. If you have all your kids strapped in the backseat or you’re wearing your suit and don’t want to step out of the car in the heat, head to the Starbucks at Winchester and Nichols. It has DRIVE-THRU! The staff is very friendly and they’ve even memorized my drink – tall, hot, light roast over venti ice. Hope to see you there!

Starbucks – 951-699-8412
39848 Winchester Road, Temecula, CA 92591