#Easter Sunday Meal


I know there’s more to Easter than the food, but I sure do enjoy the desserts every year. 🙂 Hope you had a blessed day with your loved ones! ❤

Top: Husband's Tiramisu
Middle: Mom's Turon
Bottom: Sprouts' Lemon Meringue Pie


Thanksgiving 2015


We had the honor of hosting this year’s dinner. Usually, it’s our mom who cooks but the past couple years she’s passed the torch onto us.

My husband was completely in charge of the menu and being vegetarian, he opted for a full vegetarian menu. I was in charge of setting up. We had 20 guests that consisted of family and friends. Our goal was to do our very best and wow them.

Instead of getting elaborate though, we kept everything simple – we used chairs and tables that we already had, tablecloths that we already had, and dinnerware we already had. What we did buy is a garland of cedar greens.  They smelled like Christmas to me, I loved them! We laid them across the table tops and punctuated the garland with bright orange clementines. So simple, yet so very lovely.

For the menu, he chose all organic, locally grown produce. I think that was the key to the wonderful taste of everything. And of course, his cooking talent. He made three quiches, two types of potato dishes, string beans, brussel sprouts, beets, and three different soups. He really outdid himself and I’m so proud. The menu was outstanding and we all appreciated it.

Though the cupboards were bare by the time we ate, everyone was content and chatting happily with one another. We both knew then just how much we had to be thankful for. It was a most memorable Thanksgiving.

January 2013

Lake Tahoe

My newsletter for January is more of a “post” for January. Busy with business to start off the year with (gratefully) so it’s been a squeeze to create one. There will be a February newsletter for sure though!

This is a photo of Lake Tahoe from our trip right after Christmas. (Yes, it’s THAT beautiful.) If there was ever a place to rejuvenate your soul, Lake Tahoe is IT.

I had an amazing, wonderful trip with my family and we made some really good memories. In fact, I think my heart is still there at times. It was so nice to breathe deeply in the cool, refreshing air and to see the mountains filled with snow. It is truly a magical place and I feel so blessed to have capped off our 2013 there. I feel re-energized and ready to take on 2014!

I hope this past holiday season, you’ve had a chance to enjoy time with your loved ones and to fill up your “tanks.” We all work so hard and it is very easy to forget our “self” in the midst of our daily routines. Wishing you the BEST in this upcoming year and tons of JOY.

Happy New Year to you and yours!! Xox

The New Year, 2013

sparklerThe coming and going of another year is sometimes bittersweet. This year more than others because it was filled with so many blessings for my children & I. Amazing, wonderful things manifested for us. It was a year of personal growth that spilled over into my professional life. And professionally, I honed my skills, worked my strengths, and overcame my challenges.

With what I’ve learned, I am very excited about 2013 and I’m grateful for the positive, wonderful, joyful experiences it brings. I look forward to it with a lot of enthusiasm and love, for the future is so sparkling BRIGHT.

Wishing you and yours a fantastic, happy New Year! –Vanessa Xox

The Season of Giving

Do you remember “The Giving Tree” that I wrote about last week? Well, the giving has grown! This tree has so much meaning and love behind it. It’s really a sight to see. The large bike in the front is going to a boy in foster care who asked for just simple toys or games. I would love to see the look on his face when this new bike is rolled in before him! It is the matching of hearts like these that lets me know the world is still good and that light still shines bright.


The Giving Tree

My kids and I passed by a “giving tree” the other day and it really captured our attention. It was a pretty tree with postcards hanging on the branches. We thought they were decorations but upon closer inspection, we found that each postcard actually had Christmas wishes! My little girl’s task this year is to find six different presents to give other children who are looking for Christmas magic too. This giving tree was a perfect opportunity for me to show her how much bigger her world is and how she can really affect and help other people. We chose three postcards. When our purchases are complete, we bring them back along with the postcard and place the presents under the tree.

Here are some of the wishes from the children and elderly of our Temecula Valley area:

Johan, Age 10 – Toy FBI Badges, Piggybank, Orange or Red Crayola, Bow & Arrow Toy

Alyssa, Age 10.5 – Monster High Dolls, Justin Bieber Doll, Art Set, Beads, Drawing Crafts, Little Girl Makeup Set with Body Spray

Maggie & Tim, Age 68 – Gifts to Winco Grocery Store


In truth, I wanted to take the whole tree home with me. Their wishes weren’t extravagant and some reflected just a plain need for survival. We took these three postcards home to start and we hope to do more and spread the word. We also hope you’ll join us 🙂

Temecula Valley People Helping People Web site: http://www.tvphp.org

Happy holidays!