A Walk to Remember, Santa Rosa Plateau

Several weekends ago, we were looking for something outdoorsy to do. Neither one of us had ever been to the Santa Rosa Plateau before so we thought we’d give it a try. It was a great decision – we took an amazing hike! I really had no idea how much beauty there was nearby. I think we chose the perfect time to go. The plateau was green as far as the eye could see, and it was outrageously serene. We felt transported to another planet. We took a lovely, simple lunch of bread, cheese, and olives, and after some hiking, we sat down underneath one of the old, majestic trees. The plateau was breezy. The wind crept slowly over all the rolling hills. The temperature was not too warm, not too cool, and the sun shone down on us just right. I tell you, I think I’ll always remember that day. 🙂


Temecula Community Recreation Center (CRC)

Last night we started the first day of swim team for my girl. We go to Harveston Community’s pool all the time but we had never been to the Temecula Community Recreation Center (CRC) before. I was impressed! The center itself was in a nestled in a nice setting and the pool area was terrific, as you can see. What you can’t see is that they even have a water slide! Now I have not ever seen that in a CRC before and I’ve lived in several states! Stay tuned for when I go INSIDE the CRC!

Temecula Community Recreation Center (CRC)
30875 Rancho Vista Road
Temecula, 92592

Hours of operation:   
Monday- Friday     8am-8:45pm
Saturday              9am-8:45pm
Sunday                1pm-4:45pm

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:45pm

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Park it!

There is no shortage of parks here. The question is finding the right one for your children. Some parks are geared more toward toddlers, some are more for the older 10-year-olds. If you’re lucky and have both like I do, some parks have a little kid area in one section and a big kid area in the other – all in one spot. See you there & bring plenty of water!